The Northumbrian Jacobites Today

Since the publication of Gibson's 'Dilston Hall' in 1850, there has been continuous interest in the Northumbrian Jacobites. Several books have appeared, some highly romantic, some more sober.

In all about a dozen works have appeared on the topic, most of which have focused strongly on James Radcliffe. Many know of the '15 in Northumberland only through Anya Seton's novel, 'Devil Water'. Leo Gooch's book has taken the topic into the realms of academia. Most recently, Frances Dickinson has produced two excellent books, The Castle on Devil's Water and The Reluctant Rebel.

She has done much to promote interest in the subject and is working hard to ensure that Dilston Castle is preserved for future generations through Lottery funding. There is probably as much interest in the Northumbrian Jacobites today as at any time in the last 250 years, and the future of the Jacobite heritage in the area seems bright.