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The Fifteen

The Society was founded in October 2000 to promote interest in the Northumbrian Jacobites


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AGM minutes

AGM Minutes

AGM minutes

The Fifteen

The Northumbrian Jacobite Society


held at Dilston Chapel, on Saturday, 13th May 2017 at 11 am

Present:, Roland Finch, Hon. Chairman; Elizabeth Finch, Hon. Secretary/Acting Treasurer; Lorraine Hunter, Social Events Secretary; Hon President John & Elizabeth Nicholls; Eileen Elliott; Pam Malkin; Jan Lawson; Douglas Smith; Edward Toll; George & Sheila Lonie; John & Madeline Bell; J.R.Bell; Pat & Radcliffe Hare; Freddie Everatt; Joan Probert; Susan Ketelaar; Jean Wright; Ann & Jim Wardle; Jean Rowntree; Bernard & Afsah Snaith; Margaret Warren; Christine Belcher; Ann & Bill Noble.

Apologies for Absence Apologies were received and accepted from: Maurice Milne; Morris Muter; Pauline Fraser; Peter & Carol Fletcher; Vera Mallon; June Padley; Peter & Madeleine Quince; Ruth Everatt; Adrian Radclyffe (Kenya!)

1. Welcome and Opening of Meeting

The Chairman welcomed everyone to this year’s AGM – the 2nd to be held in Dilston Chapel, although it had been over 15 months since the last AGM. He thanked members for attending. A short silence was held in memory of George Hunter who had sadly had passed away – he will be sorely missed by us all.

At this point John Nicholls spoke up and thanked Roland.

2. Minutes of the AGM held 21 November 2015 at Dilston

The Minutes were unanimously adopted as a true record – proposed by Susan Ketelaar and seconded by Eileen Elliott. There were no matters arising.

3. Treasurer’s Report

The Acting Treasurer reported that the accounts submitted are from January 2017 to date. If members have any questions with regard to the accounting during 2016 they are asked to contact the Treasurer direct. The Treasurer confirmed that monthly statements are received from Barclays Bank and are in line with monthly income and expenditure.

Until November 2016 George Hunter managed the accounts which were then passed to Elizabeth Finch as Acting Treasurer. Picking up someone else’s system of work is never easy so it is hoped that members will be content with the accounts being presented as a simple format of income and expenditure, from which members will see that the Society has a comfortable surplus at the moment. However, this does not mean that we can be complacent. The main areas of expenditure continue to be the production of the Journal and postage and these costs are currently covered by the income from membership subscriptions.

Postage costs continue to increase. To send out one Journal is now £1.22. This is why we prefer to communicate by email wherever possible.

Transactions are carefully monitored both online and with monthly statements. However, we are unable to make online transactions; it is a view-only setup.

The Society account does not have a debit or credit card facility. We are looking into obtaining one for ease and transparency of transactions.

Subscription levels remain unchanged at £15 per member and £20 per couple or institution. There is no current intention to increase these. Membership subscriptions compare very favourably with other similar societies.

4. Secretary’s Report

· Membership – currently 109 paid up members, including 3 institutional memberships (1745 Association, Stewart Society and Traquair) A higher level of renewals in 2017 than in recent years. However, this is due to constant pressure on members to renew by way of email and personal contact. It was stressed that renewals are due on 1st January, standing order forms are available and that subscriptions have remained unchanged at £15/£20. A few members have still not changed their standing order instructions.

· Talks – Members were reminded that talks on the ’15 and our Society are available for groups. The most recent one was 11th May. These not only spread the word but also potentially recruit new members and result in donations to Society funds. Societies and groups are always looking for speakers, so members were asked to pass the word around. A typical fee is £20-£30, although this is always leave it to the individual organisation to offer as it may be more. From this, a small amount is taken for mileage costs. The talk is light-hearted, but interesting in the form of a slideshow and story - it is not academic and those who have heard it so far have enjoyed it.

· Facebook – Members were encouraged to look at this page. If they would like anything included, to send to Elizabeth Finch. There are now have nearly 600 followers worldwide and the society is linked to other like-minded societies. This is all free marketing. Do not fear the technology!

· Contact Details – Email is now the preferred form of communication. There are still a few members contacted by post. Unfortunately, it is not viable to post all information other than that which is necessary. The Journals will continue to be sent out by post.

5. Election of Committee and Other Office-Holders

· There being no other nomination, Roland Finch was unanimously re-elected as Chairman.

· Elizabeth Finch was nominated as Treasurer/Membership Secretary by Jan Lawson and seconded by Susan Ketelaar – carried unanimously.

· Jan Lawson was proposed as Secretary/Assistant Membership Secretary by Elizabeth Finch, seconded by Sheila Lonie – carried.

· Lorraine Hunter was unanimously re-elected to continue as the Society’s Social Events Secretary.

· Susan Ketelaar was nominated as a new committee member by Jan Lawson, seconded by Sheila Lonie – carried.

· Eileen Elliott and Pam Malkin, who did not wish to commit to full committee duties, both agreed to help with committee duties as and when required.

6. Members Forum

In a departure from the formality of an AGM, the agenda included a discussion led by the Chairman to address what the members present wanted from the Society in the way of

· Programme of events

· Speakers and whether we continue to meet at Dilston in 2018

· Visits for 2018

· The annual Journal production, in relation to its compilation, editing and member involvement

Programme of events

Most people seemed to like what we did already – a mixture of talks, visits, social outings and trips away.

Speakers and whether we continue to meet at Dilston in 2018

Generally members wanted to continue meeting for talks in Dilston Chapel where/when possible, obviously avoiding the dead of winter! Eg. a speaker in Spring and Autumn together with the AGM in late Spring.

John Nicholls told us that the Tenancy “at will” agreement is for 12 months but it is hoped that a lease would be granted soon. His view is that the Chapel and Castle are at the root of our Society.

Visits for 2018

Members’ Suggestions for trips/outings included ....

· A weekend trip to Prestonpans (hopefully with the Tapestry on display) and Rosslyn Chapel (2 nights) – suggested by Pam Malkin

· A day trip to Carlisle Castle with guided tour then on to Lanercost Priory - Elizabeth Finch

· A trip to Skye (possibly 4/5/days) – suggested by Douglas Smith (to see Flora Macdonald’s underwear!!!)

The Annual Journal production

Generally members were happy with the format of our Journal.

Elizabeth Finch agreed to take on the role of editor and compiler. Member involvement in submitting content is still very important so that we keep our Journal an interesting and informative read.

7. Any Other Business

· The Langley Cross – Unfortunately we are still in the same situation regarding the Derwentwater Cross at Langley. The grant of £2100 which was previously reported on by MP Guy Opperman turned out to be for a different Derwentwater Memorial in Hexham. Approaches to Historic England etc were being considered to see if we could raise any money for the cross to be restored or at least made safer.

· Society Pin Badges – Elizabeth Finch is currently liaising with a company regarding the design and these should be available for sale to members later in the year

· Subscription rates – Pam Malkin made the suggestion that the “couples” rate of £20 should be increased

· Access to Dilston – John Nicholls will be providing full details ASAP

There being no further business, the Chairman warmly thanked Members for attending. The meeting closed at 1.15pm

Jan Lawson, Minuting Secretary; Roland Finch, Chairman.

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