Support from Scotland

Forster's surprise at the approach of the Government forces shows the inadequacies of his intelligence system. His knowledge of the movements of his friends was no better than his knowledge of those of his enemy. Mar, who had raised the Highlands for James in September and now had a considerable army at Perth, received a letter from Forster on 10 October asking for reinforcements.

He immediately despatched 2,000 Highlanders under Brigadier William Mackintosh, an experienced guards officer, to Forster's aid. Mackintosh tried to get his men across the Firth of Forth on 12th but was prevented by two British warships.

He then wasted time trying to take Edinburgh but was prevented from doing so by some cavalry under the Duke of Argyll. He eventually arrived in Haddington on 14th, where he sat down to await further orders from Mar or Forster. Unfortunately, he failed to inform either of them where he was. Forster was also unaware of the rising of the Jacobites in South-east Scotland. Led by Lords Kenmure, Nithsdale, Carnwarth and Nairn, they had ridden on to Dumfries on 12 October but felt too weak to attack it.

They had then fallen back to Hawick. Thus, by the middle of October, there were three Jacobite armies in the Border area, all unaware of the exact location and strength of the other two.