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The Society was founded in October 2000 to promote interest in the Northumbrian Jacobites


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AGM Minutes


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AGM minutes


held On-line via ZOOM on Saturday, 24th April 2021 at 11 am (Part 1) and 12 noon (Part 2)

Attendees on-line:  Roland Finch, Hon. Chairman; Elizabeth Finch, Hon. Treasurer/Membership Secretary; Jan Lawson, Minutes Secretary/Assistant Membership Secretary; Lorraine Hunter, Social Events Secretary; Susan Ketelaar; Frank and Gwenneth Morgan-Grant; Eileen Elliot; Douglas Smith; Edward Toll; Mike Nevin; Caroline and Tim Cliffe;  Morris Muter; Phil Thirkell; Abbot Geoffrey Scott (Patron)

PART 1 commenced at 11am

1.     Welcome

The Chairman welcomed everyone to this year’s AGM via Zoom and thanked members for attending in these unusual circumstances.


2.     Apologies for Absence 

Apologies were received and accepted from: John & Elizabeth Nicholls; Sheila Lonie; John & Madeline Bell; Pam Malkin; Jean Rowntree; Freddie Everatt; Freddie Bremble; Elizabeth Balfour-Kinnear; Jennifer McNish; Jim & Ann Wardle.


3.     Minutes of the AGM held on 11 May 2019

The Minutes were unanimously accepted as a true record.


4.     Matters Arising

There were no specific matters raised.


5.     Treasurer’s Report was unanimously agreed.

The Treasurer reported that the accounts submitted are from January 2019 to date. If members have any questions with regard to the accounting they are asked to contact the Treasurer direct.

Members will see that the Society has a shortfall due to the enforced inactivity at the moment. However, we can hope for better times ahead.


6.     Membership Secretary’s Report

Membership – currently we have 93 paid up members, mostly local but with many from Scotland, south of England and abroad. We are still getting new members via Facebook (we have 800+ followers!) and our own website.

7.     Appointment of Officers and Committee

New Officers were appointed: Francis Morgan-Grant, Events & Programming Secretary; Gwenneth Morgan Grant, Committee Member.  Existing Committee members agreed to stand for re-election.  These appointments were proposed by Tim Cliffe, seconded by Susan Ketelaar and unanimously agreed.

8.     Any Other Business

·       The chairman advised that Hon. President John Nicholls passed on his best wishes to all and apologised for being unable to be active in the Society at the present time.

·       Eileen Elliott asked who would be responsible for the material published by the Society ie. Do we have any insurance on book articles we publish? etc. Roland Finch advised that the Society has no insurance as such.

o   Mike Nevin advised that the 1745 Association is set up as a “Company limited by Guarantee” covering Scottish Charitable Organisations.

o   Susan Ketelaar said that there was usually a disclaimer in books/articles stating that the author took full responsibility.

Mike Nevin then advised the group that he was not joining us for Part 2 of the meeting. Part 1 of the AGM ended at 11.45am.



PART 2 commenced at 12 noon

Welcome back from the Chairman


1.     2021 Events Programme

Elizabeth Finch went through what we still have planned for 2021.


·       Jen Scott’s talk on 15th May 2021 will be delivered as a Zoom meeting.

(It was pointed out that any Zoom session is limited to 45 minutes unless we pay.)

·       Venues in Hexham were being considered for future events as Dilston is unlikely to be opening soon.

·       Our Society Dinner will be held at Slaley Hall on Saturday 26th June 2021 [subsequently postponed until 9 July] The benefits over previous years will be warmer/ lighter nights and this would be a purely social event. There will be the opportunity for staying overnight for those interested.

·       The Dilston summer social event on 14th August 2021 is not yet confirmed – we are still hopeful that it may be possible but if not we could have lunch/tea elsewhere.

·       The “Rising in Northumberland” commemoration lunch planned for 6th October 2021 has been booked at the Langley Castle Hotel. Since our normal February lunch there had to cancelled, we will also take the opportunity to place flowers at the Derwentwater Cross.

·       The talk by Dr Craig Appleby – “A Land Ripe for Rebellion” (postponed from 2020) has been rearranged for 13th November 2021 – venue to be arranged.

·       Our Christmas Lunch is still planned for 4th December 2021 at the Robin Hood Inn, East Wallhouses,  NE18 0LL



2.     Suggestions for 2022  (when we will be back to normal - hopefully).

Suggestions from the “ZOOM floor” were invited.


·       Possibly looking more deeply into “Medieval Durham”.

·       Members who had listened to the talk given by patron Peter Pininski via Zoom for The 1745 Association on 17th April recommended requesting a repeat or similar talk for The Fifteen via Zoom.

·       Morris Muter suggested a re-run in 2022 of the Skye trip for more people and Frank Grant replied that this was possible if enough people wanted it.

·        Frank also mentioned the possibility of a re-enactment event (Nick Wilkes) at Dilston.

Elizabeth replied that it was unlikely to be allowed at Dilston and Frank suggested that the “Scout Camp“ field would be ideal as this was the original site used and would be open to the public. It was agreed that this needed exploring.

·       Regarding the proposed Skye visit, Eileen Elliott and Susan Ketelaar said that a coach would probably be preferred by most.  Elizabeth Finch pointed out that we may not have sufficient numbers to fill a coach but Frank said he would be willing to look into a 2022 event again.

·       Elizabeth Finch raised the possibility of having more “joint” events with the 1745 Association and possibly greater involvement from now on with our “non-NE” members. Mike Nevin had said he would let us have the Zoom links for the monthly 1745 talks if we were interested.

·       Susan Ketelaar advised that a Dilston walk lead by a local group could be available if  anyone was interested.


3.     Close

There being no further business, the Chairman warmly thanked members for attending and Part 2 of the on-line meeting was brought to a close at 12.40pm



 Jan Lawson, Secretary; Roland Finch, Chairman









held at Dilston Chapel on Saturday, 11th May 2019 at 11 am

Present:  Roland Finch, Hon. Chairman; Elizabeth Finch, Hon. Treasurer/Membership Secretary; Jan Lawson, Minutes Secretary/Assistant Membership Secretary; Lorraine Hunter, Social Events Secretary; Susan Ketelaar, Commitee Member; Pam Malkin; Douglas Smith; Edward Toll; John Bell; Pat & Radcliffe Hare; Freddie Everatt; Jean Rowntree; Jennifer McNish; Frank Grant; Gwenneth Watson; Vikki Broadhead; Elizabeth Balfour-Kennear; Alfred Frederick Bremble; Bernard & Afsah Snaith; Anne Noble & Bill Noble; Eileen Elliot; Margaret Watson.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to this year’s AGM, apologised for any delay and thanked members for attending. He additionally conveyed thanks from Freddie Everatt for the cards, letters and funeral attendances in memory of his wife Ruth Everatt.

1.     Apologies for Absence 

Apologies were received and accepted from: John & Elizabeth Nicholls; Maurice Milne; Patricia MacInnes; Madeleine Quince; Peter & Carol Fletcher; Nic Adams; Charles Adams; Graham Bashford; Ed Clarke; Vera Mallon; Christine Belcher; Margaret Warren; Sheila & George Lonie; Madeleine Bell; Ann Connah.


2.     Minutes of the AGM held 28 April 2018 at Dilston

The Minutes were unanimously adopted as a true record – proposed by Susan Ketelaar and seconded by Eileen Elliot.



3.     Matters Arising

·       The ongoing subject of castle maintenance was raised as water ingress was causing problems with the flooring. Attendees were interested to know where Cambian stood on this. John Bell said that chicken wire would be a good idea in the castle to deter pigeons.

·       The other ongoing problem – namely maintenance and/or restoration of the Derwentwater Cross – was raised. Elizabeth Finch had met up with Jane Torday- Bates (no longer a 1715 member) with no resolution to the problem. Elizabeth said she would make enquiries about a possible restoration cost.